Dear Parents,
My name is Mr. Muñoz and I will be the 6-8 grade science and religion and 7th grade
homeroom teacher this year for your child. 
Since most of us work best when we know what is expected,I have provided the various expectations for junior high students in my class.

Behavior Expectations:
In each classroom for grades 6-8th, the character cards system of discipline will be used.
The rules we each agreed on are:
1. Show proper respect.
2. Make positive choices.
3. Show your problems appropriately.
4. Raise your hand to speak and ask to leave your seat.
5. Follow the SLE’s.
Each of these rules will be enforced and supported with positive enhancements
and discipline consequences. In junior high, students will be able to earn tickets for
following the rules, to turn in for a chance to win coupons for no homework, +5 points on an assignment, one more day to turn in an assignment, and remove one infraction, which is usually drawn at the end of the month in a raffle-type process. Using the character card, students that earn 4 infractions will serve a one-hour detention. If the character card is lost, the homeroom teacher will supply a new one, and a detention will be assigned.

Bathroom Privileges:
Students are expected to use the bathroom during recess and lunch, however, if they need to use it outside these times, an infraction will be issued. (Except in the case of emergency, as determined by the teacher.  Please have your child talk to us if there is an issue that might cause the extra use of the bathroom).
Each student will start the quarter with 2 bathroom passes to help in this area.
If they are not used, they can be turned into extra credit points at the end of each quarter.
Our grading policy will be a standards-based system.
This system will reflect a 4-point rubric. The grading scale will be as follows:
100%- 92%: 4 points is an A, which indicates that a student is advanced
91%- 76%: 3 points is a B, which indicates that a student is proficient
75-%-44%: 2 points is a C, which indicates that a student is at a basic level
43% - 1%: 1 point is a D/F, which indicates that a student is below a basic level.
Please check grades on Gradelink on a regular basis. Tests and quizzes will be returned as soon as they are graded and MUST be signed by a parent and returned by the due date indicated by each teacher. As is policy with all the junior high teachers, all assignments are to be turned in on time; no late work will be accepted. If a student is absent, they are responsible to get and turn in those assignments and complete them in a timely manner. Absent work not complete in a timely manner will receive a 0. About half way through each quarter, a grade check paper will be sent home and be completed by the student and parent with the student’s current grades, and be signed. This is to ensure that all are aware of grades being earned in all classes.
Service Hours: For 6th, 7th and 8th grade, 6,7 and 8 Christian service hours (respectively) are required to be completed each quarter. These will be entered as a religion project grade and will greatly affect a passing grade in religion if not completed. A service hour form will be given out each quarter to be filled out and returned. 

It is the student’s responsibility to write down from the homework board the work that they need to complete and when. If the student does not complete and turn in the homework on the day it is due, they will receive a zero for that assignment and their character card will be signed for not being prepared. If they happen to have earned a one more day coupon, it may be used to allow the students one more day to complete the work, but the work still needs to be done and turned in.

This year the students will receive information in the following concepts:

6th grade Science – We will be focusing on earth science, which will include earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics, rocks, minerals, the water cycle, and more.

7th grade Science – We will be covering life science, which will include cells, DNA,
genetics, evolution, structure and functions of living systems, and the human body.

8th grade Science – We will be studying about physical science covering chemistry,
matter, chemical reactions, the periodic table, along with motion and force in physics.

7 th grade Social Studies – We will be discovering Civilizations in the Americas, the
Middle Ages, Early Modern Europe History, and Civilizations in East Asia.
I will assign at least one project per quarter per subject. Science fair projects, roller
coasters, and egg drop contraptions are a project grade and not optional. I will also assign a small amount of extra credit throughout the year.
6th grade religion: The significance of the God’s promise in the Old Covenant and its fulfillment in the New Covenant forged in the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
7th grade religion: The life of faith as disciples of Jesus, centering on the Life of Jesus, His teachings in the Sacred Scriptures, and the sacraments He instituted
8th grade religion: The life of faith as members of the Church. We will cover the Church from her beginning at Pentecost through her history, encompassing her teachings and Tradition.

Contacting Me: I will get back to you fastest using email at jmunoz@sfrchurch.org ,
or call the school office.
We have an exciting and productive year ahead, and I look forward to what God has in
store for us!

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Mr. Muñoz